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Drake Shipway

Drake hails from Ontario originally, but he now proudly calls the North End of Halifax home. Like many before him, Drake could not resist the charm of the city, or the natural beauty of Nova Scotia. Drake moved to Halifax to attend university, and earned a Bachelors Degree through Dalhousie’s College of Sustainability, before setting down permanent roots.
Drake has a keen eye for design, photography, and all things digital. Prior to his career in Real Estate, Drake performed consultation work for a local non-profit organization on a province-wide campaign. Drake helped develop innovative applications of digital video, photography, and graphic design, bringing a major boost to the campaign’s exposure and public engagement. Drake carries these cutting edge techniques and experience into his work in Real Estate.
Drake is thrilled to be a part of the experienced team at Harbourside Realty, where he is able to combine his love of the province and its people with his long standing passion for real estate, design, and technology.
Drake is eager to help you with you next move. Give him a call today!